Thursday, September 01, 2011

Things I Love Thursday: Sept. 1, 2011

Rabbit rabbit.

Hey guys. The sun is shining. I went to Seattle last weekend and had a blast. I've been feeling better. I still love stuff, so here we go.

Sarah's Gadget Showcase, Part 2: I am now a librarian (check it! I graduated!), but prior to getting my MLS, I started following a number of library related blogs. Kai's mom is an academic librarian and referred me to Librarian in Black. I love it. I also love that she just did a post about her favorite kitchen gadgets. Librarians love gadgets and so do cooks. I love things that cover multiple parts of who I am.

Fantastic Food Fashion: It's similar to something I posted last year, but it's still fun to see different things made out of food. Kirsten recently shared this post of food sculptures that I also love. Makes you glad these people never heeded the don't play with your food warning from family.
Naked Tomato Sauce: My tomato plant has been killing it. I have so many tomatoes and many of them are now (finally) red. This might be one way to use them. I'm also thinking about this Spicy Tomato Jam with Peaches that Food in Jars posted on Facebook. I'm open to any and all tomato recipes right now.

One Hundred Miles Food Cart: There's a new cart in town (isn't there always?) and this one is based on sourcing food from within 100 miles of Portland. It's a noble endeavor and I can't wait to try it.

John Gorham to Open New Mississippi Venture: He's created Toro Bravo and Tasty n Sons, two of my favorite restaurants in Portland. Now, bar food? And all of this in my neighborhood? Yes please!

In other local news, Pok Pok Som Drinking Vinegar Goes National. Pok Pok, another fave of mine, is Thai street food and their fish sauce chicken wings are ridiculous. So are their drinking vinegars and now they will be available outside of NE (up the hill from me!) and SE Portland.
The Go-To Snacks of Literary Greats via Wendy MacNaughton
(click it to make it bigger)
Bill Clinton's Life as a Vegan: Everyone has their own personal food politics. These can sometimes become quite messy in the public sphere especially because of how personal some of these choices are. However, the reason I'm posting this is because I like his reasoning behind it. His family has a history of heart disease, he has a history of heart disease, and he wants to be around for his family. Plus, I love the SNL clip included with the article.

The Ten Most Insulting Things Anthony Bourdain Has Said About the Food Network: It's exactly what it sounds like. Go read it because Tony is hilarious. I like to talk about him, obviously.
I'm also loving: extra cheesy Aaron creations; Old Grand-Dad Whiskey (it has the best name ever!); getting to go to the last ever Nettletown dinner with Renai; snacks with my faves while sitting on a beach on Lake Washington (plus sharing ginger brews); the (brief) return of Taco Tuesday with Aaron and Corey; pickled grapes (who knew?); eating tomatoes right off of the vine, sometimes wrapped in basil right off the plant; getting lavender in the mail from my mom; spicy everything; grilled fruit; sharing baked goods; avocado every day; dreaming of Corey's dad's smoked salmon; creating drinks in Chisum's memory (rum + cola + pop rocks); @pattonoswalt "I wonder how many people's last words included the word, "nutrageous."".

What are you loving this week?  

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