Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Farm Wedding

Today is the one month wedding anniversary of my friends Kai and Jules. I meant to blog about it way back when it actually happened, but I think today works too. It was a beautiful wedding on Kai's family's farm in La Conner, WA (up in the Skagit Valley). It's a beautiful area and I can't wait to go up and visit again.

Besides having a beautiful ceremony that I was sobbing at the end of (I cry at all weddings, but this one really got to me), they also had fantastic food. Unfortunately for you all, I ate almost everything too quickly to photograph. There was salads a plenty (including quinoa, potato, awesome coleslaw and some stuff I didn't even know!), ridiculously fresh and amazing fruit, cod tacos, pulled pork made from their own pigs, corn (oh my god! Best corn ever!), and desserts of an amazing nature. Below is mostly desserts as I helped do some set up and then just stared at that table, but I promise you it was quite the feast and a perfect way to celebrate the marriage of two amazing people.

 This corn blew my mind!

All of these cakes were amazing, but I was particularly in love with this blueberry lemon tart, though the gingerbread cake and the chocolate one were a close second.

My friend Johanna and I were obsessed with the look of the cupcakes. She was at the wedding in the middle of her epic, twisty, round about road trip from Chicago back to our hometown of Juneau. I'm glad she made it because it was super fun talking food with her. She used to run this food blog and I'm hoping she'll go going on it again!

All in all, it was a good night and I think all of the guests were satisfied. Congratulations again Kai and Jules!

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