Thursday, August 05, 2010

Things I Love Thursday: Aug. 5, 2010

It's the triumphant return of Things I Love Thursday! I have been collecting things to share, but it all fell by the wayside what with grad school and a super short semester and one of the hardest classes in my program. I have been thinking about it though and I am so happy to do this again! Forgive me if some of the news is, well, old news at this point.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Food: What your food looks like on the inside. This is so cool! I think broccoli is my favorite (probably because I love broccoli so much from the outside too), but the cucumber also looks super rad.

Kids Cooking Classes at the Portland Farmer's Market: Most of these dates have past, but I just love the way they are getting kids involved in cooking, especially because it's cooking with local ingredients. I watched my parents cook a lot when I was a kid and loved getting my hands in there when I could. Mostly so I could eat the cheese, but you get the point.

Bunny Sugar Cubes by bunnysgobounce (via girlybubble)

Tasting Rome: David Lebovitz is one of my favorite food bloggers (I mentioned a post of his in the last Things I Love Thursday) and his descriptions of food always make me so hungry. I've been dealing with the travel bug lately and this post has not helped my growing desire to go to Italy. Just look at that gelato!

Ginger Consumption Reduces Muscle Pain: As if I needed more reasons to eat ginger!

Star Wars Cookie Cutters: Yeah, you know I got these. I haven't used them yet (maybe it's time to make some black and tans and call them dark side/light side?), but I am excited to do so. I was so happy when I walked into the Williams-Sonoma on a whim and got one of the last boxes of these. You know Aaron was stoked too.

Experimental Gummy Bear Surgeries: So adorable. So delicious. Also, a little crazy.

Green Tea's Wild Bite: A fun exploration into the many ways you can use green tea.

Vitaminwater Isn't Healthy: This is great news! Food companies need to be more responsible in their advertising and the claims on Vitaminwater have been completely ridiculous. I love water, personally, but sometimes it is fun to dress it up. Lemon juice is always a good way to go. Or cucumber slices. Pretty much anything works better than high fructose corn syrup.

(go look at the rest of A Matter of Taste. Seriously beautiful stuff.)

I'm also loving: pickles, pickles, pickles (especially bread and butter!); the patio at the Rose and Thistle (I knew about the darts, but not about that patio. How I ask you? How?); PSU and King Farmer's Markets; super amazing anniversary dinners with Aaron; leftovers from that dinner for lunch; talking food and food blogs all day long with Kirsten; food carts opening up right by my house; grilling; Ruby Jewel ice cream sandwiches; homegrown garlic; raspberry-ginger everything; sweet and spicy pecans; "A proper tea is much nicer than a very nearly tea, which is one you forget about afterwards" - AA Milne.

What are you loving this week?

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