Thursday, September 29, 2011

Things I Love Thursday: Sept. 29, 2011

I made a comment yesterday that if you are ever wondering where I am, if you say at a library, you're probably right. I've been crazy busy the last couple of weeks because I started training as a reference assistant while still working my current library assistant job. BUSY! As it turns out, post graduation life is also nutso, but in different ways. Despite always being in a library or in transit to a library or desperately trying to get some sleep, I've seen some stuff on the internet that's pretty cool. Some of it has been about food. Let's look at that stuff!

How to Peel a Head of Garlic in Less Than 10 Seconds: Holy hell, how did I not know about this before? This technique would make recipes like this or this or this so much easier. I might have to go through every single one of my garlic tagged recipes in see how much faster it would be. Seriously. Wow.

Cat Land Cat Party: Adorable. Just adorable. Little kitty cat cakes.

Top Secret Interview with CakeSpy: Also just adorable. Plus she recently posted a link to retro dessert recipes. Rad food history!

Make Your Pie Crusts Extra Crispy with Vodka: I guess I'm awesome because I've already done this.It's nice to be (slightly) ahead of the curve.
(see the whole set here)
Pumpkin Beer History - Colonial Necessity to Seasonal Treat: Though we are getting the last dying gasps of summer this week in Portland (which started in August), it's definitely feeling a lot more like fall. Time to put on tights and boots and scarves and drink the autumn seasonals. I love pumpkin beer (like I love pumpkin pie) and this history is fascinating. I can't imagine that the creators thought future Americans would be snuggling up on patios in their fall gear drinking it, but I don't think they really thought a lot about patios. What's your favorite fall ale?

Colbert Super Mac Presented by BrunchBox: I love me some Stephen Colbert. I was giggling at his Rosh Hashanah phone bit this morning (PS: l'shana tovah!). Though I can't see myself ever even attempting to eat this burger, I like that it exists and it exists in Portland. Good one PDX!
(full story here)
How To Turn a Milk Jug Into a Sandwich Box: So maybe I don't have giant milk jugs in my house, but this is amazing and could be a fun project.

Hero Electric Hot Dog Steamer: This is so creepy. It's creepy enough that I kind of love it. Serious Eats has some videos of it in action.

Absolut Tune - Vodka and Wine: This just strikes me as so, so weird. I have never ever mixed vodka with wine. The only things I've done to wine, besides just drink it, is mull it with spices or mix it with cola for kalimotxo. If you haven't had a kalimotxo, I highly recommend it. It might sound off, but it tastes wonderful. With that in mind, maybe Absolut Tune won't taste that weird.
(I featured him twice before this year in TILT posts here and here)
I'm also loving: Thai food with really weird classic movies; "that's a half sandwich?"; peanut butter in the AM; breakfast burritos that are actually really delicious; kale wraps and collard green wraps and basically any wrap that involves greens; pizza with pineapple on it because duh; putting together meals based on groupons; seriously satisfying pasta after a long long day; PBR on tap (especially when my team wins); revisiting recipes with even greater success; pistachios; food collaborations; the smells coming out of the Beaverton Bakery even when it's closed; talking bread with my dad; talking zucchini with my mom; tamarind in my whiskey.

What are you loving this week? 

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