Thursday, September 15, 2011

Things I Love Thursday: Sept. 15, 2011

(from a 1950s Life Magazine)
30 Uses for Leftover Cake Batter: It's not my birthday for a bit (my half birthday is next month though), but I still love birthday cake. Also CakeSpy. These are fantastic ideas.

Are Carrots Orange for Political Reasons?: As it turns out, the question is far more complicated that you might think."What is clear, however, is that the Dutch themselves have used the orange carrot as a political weapon during the rise and fall of the House of Orange." Carrots aren't always orange as anyone who has ever grown them or gone to a farmers market can tell you. The question is still unresolved. On a side note, are there any job titles cooler than horticulture historian?
Ben & Jerry's Introduces Schweddy Balls Ice Cream: As a person, Alec Baldwin is fairly terrible. As a comedian, he's great. Schweddy Balls, in case you don't know, comes from one of the best skits out of the SNL's Delicious Dish, a fake NPR program about food in monotone voices, skits. If I can find it, I'm trying it.

Also from NPR, there is evidence that a baby's palate and food memories are shaped before birth. I do love kalamata olives and my mom told me she couldn't get enough of them while pregnant with me. Of course I was introduced to lots of good foods throughout childhood, so take from this study what you will.

Drunk Elk Found in Tree: Again, the BBC has the best food related news. Even if you don't read this, go look at the picture. It's hilarious!
The Last Pizza Commercial: I have been having thoughts along these lines about Domino's new ad campaign. Funny or Die says it best.

The Perennial Plate: Food + travel + education = my dream life.Check out this video of some of their favorite moments over three months of traveling and eating and learning.

The Culinary Notebooks of Leonardo "Fat Boy" Da Vinci: haha. I love this!
I'm also loving: fresh pasta from Pastaworks; vanilla cupcakes from Beaverton Bakery (and my new job is just blocks away!); comté cheese thanks to Corey; tomatoes right off of the vine; so much sushi; introducing more people to Screen Door (it really is worth getting up that early); my year long love of bloody marys (I know, I was so behind); chocolate tastings via The Meadow; the dudes at the meat counter at Sheridan's (so helpful and informative!); having way too much fun using my mortar and pestle; dried apricots; peanut butter on granola bars for breakfast; the way my hands smell after watering my plants; already starting to think about Thanksgiving; cookie presents from the librarians I work with.

What are you loving this week? 

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