Thursday, August 19, 2010

Things I Love Thursday: Aug. 18, 2010

Oregon Farmer's Markets: I talk about farmer's markets on here a lot and there's a reason why. Look how many we have! And though I do love the huge one at PSU, how awesome is it to have one right up the street from your house? Our favorite ingredient lately has been green onion, but there's been some insanely beautiful broccoli lately too.

How to Make Brownies, Pentagon-Style: Yes, there is an official government brownie recipe. Yes, they need to be done a specific way. Yes, they need to be cut to a specific size. I find the whole thing hilarious.

Why Don't We Pay Attention to Women in the Kitchen?: An amazing short article on why we don't hear about female chefs nearly as often as male chefs. My favorite part is this: "There's the "women cook to nurture, men cook to win" line; the insistence that a cooks' hard-living lifestyle doesn't jive with the family oriented preferences of the weaker sex; and our favorite, the frankly ridiculous notion that girls just don't like to play with fire and knives as much as boys do." Crap, just crap.

Mario Soda Display by Unknown (via Neatorama)

Your Olive Oil May Not Be As Virgin As It Claims: I love olive oil to a ridiculous degree, so making sure it is what it's supposed to be is important. There's nothing like really good extra virgin on grilled bread. Taste it, check it, love it.

Like This Drink? Drink That Wine: What an interesting way to introduce people to new wines. I'm going to have to test their theory. Anyone want to join me?

Pietopia 2010 at Buckman Farmer's Market: The theme was your life in pie (sounds like Waitress, which if you haven't seen, is fantastic). Renai and I had planned on doing it, but missed the boat. Next year? I love the concept and want to do it so very badly.

Speaking of Portland events, apparently we have Baconfest. Though many will say that bacon is overdone, apparently we still love it here. There's a bacon dance off, you guys. A bacon. Dance off. I'm bummed that I'll miss that!

Unique Packing Designs: I am a sucker for interesting packaging. The first time I had Pom was because I thought the bottle looked cool (and I like pomegranate juice). I think the hanger tea is my favorite, though those animal cups are also really, really cute.

I can't stop laughing at this. Beeeeeeer!

I'm also loving: when a plan comes together (for a 3 course dinner); the smell of citrus when you zest it; Chopped having an episode with all women; knowing that my chocolate chip cookies will always come out perfect; getting comfortable with the grill; homemade pizza made by a good friend; antipasti lunches; late night french toast; fried plantains; smoothies; Honeymoon (tastes like summer); bananas like whoa; blogroll sharing with friends (aka The Fantastic Mr. Feedbag, run by my fabulous friend Patrice and her brother, Leo).

What are you loving this week?

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