Thursday, August 12, 2010

Things I Love Thursday: Aug. 12, 2010

Shark Week by Mark V (via Bikehugger)
I love this so much, it's ridiculous

The 101 Best Sandwiches in New York: Please don't read this while hungry. I may have plotted an entire trip to the city that involves seeing my grandma and then eating almost every sandwich on the list. Seriously, just don't read it without a full stomach. The pictures are to die for, especially the Bánh mì ones. Goodness. Okay, I'm still hungry.

Tips for the Farmer's Market: As a frequent farmer's market shopper, I highly recommend this. Of course, I don't always get to the market early because I enjoy sleeping, but I am never there at the very end (unless I am scoping the place for super cheap deals or things to be given away). The Portland Market at PSU starts at 8:30 and is pretty packed from 10 on, so get there early!

Watermelon Cooler Push Cart: How is this a real thing? And what else can you put in there or is it for watermelons only? And how is this a real thing?

Portland is the #1 Street Food City: Slightly older news, but dang do I love it. I've been obsessed with street carts for the last few years and it's been amazing to just watch the scene blow up. There are carts everywhere now and newer, crazier food is happening all over the city. Aaron and I make a trip to one pod or another after each Friday of my in-class weekends. It's a great way to help me push through.

And speaking of amazing food carts in Portland, Savor Soup House was featured on Serious Eats this week. Savor is one of my most favorite carts in Portland, mostly because of the grilled cheese bar. I texted Renai after my first one featuring Tillamook cheddar cheese, goat cheese, grilled onions, and sliced apples. Yeah, it was that good.

Saying Good-Bye to Old Cookbooks: Also on Serious Eats this week was a feature about giving up the ghost on some of your cookbooks. One of the first things I did when I moved to Portland was try to copy the collection my parents have (Joy of Cooking, 1000 Chinese Recipes, NY Times Cookbook, Deli). While I do still use most of these, cookbook collecting can get out of control. Which ones are you hanging on to and which ones do you feel like can go to someone else?
UPDATE: When I spoke with my mom this week, she told me that she has long since chucked 1000 Chinese Recipes and never really liked it. Maybe this is why I've hardly used it? I do like the way it looks on the shelf though. If you have any recommendations for awesome Chinese cooking, let me know!

Why is Fanta more popular abroad?: An interesting article about why we aren't chugging Fanta like they do in Europe and elsewhere. My theory is different: it just tastes better over there. I drank so much of that stuff while traveling.

How Jimmy Carter saved beer: As a craft brewer fan, thank you Mr. Carter. Thank you for Widmer and Alaskan. Thank you for it all.

I'm also loving: pretzel M&Ms (salty and sweet deliciousness); introducing people to new bars/restaurants; baked beans; peanut butter on everything, but especially bananas; tapas for breakfast; super fresh, thick, meaty tomatoes; brunch with new friends; potatoes in tacos; plotting baked goods; the garlic hanging on my back porch; discussing cocktail preferences and restaurants with my boss; getting roasted broccoli to actually work; whisky gingers made with Pendleton and Reed's Raspberry Ginger Brew; twice baked potatoes with extra crunchy cheese bits on the edges.

What are you loving this week?


kerry said...

check out "number #1 bento" at the park blocks for a delicious korean food cart!!!

JMama said...

I am loving YOU this week!! Fantastic, and making me miss Portland DEEPLY.

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