Thursday, August 26, 2010

Things I Love Thursday: Aug. 26, 2010

The Beer Popsicle: This sounds an awful lot like an idea Aaron had. And it sounds like just what we need on these ridiculously hot days. What could be better?

(also for hot days!)

What Drinks Men Shouldn't Order: Dumb, just dumb. I only love it because it is so stupid. Oh hi, it's hot out. Oh, you're a man? No daiquiri for you. Drink what you want, everyone!. As an aside, I am very happy that I can spell daiquiri without spell checking it. That's also something I love.

10 Tips to Better Cupcakes: You know I've read this at least three times. I've also, without realizing it, have been following many of these steps already, especially the add gradually part. I think my cupcakes rock already, but I think they're just going to get better.

Baking Ingredients and Substitutions: TILT and general Better with Garlic favorite David Lebovitz has awesome notes about what to do when you modify baking recipes. This is especially important if you try to make things gluten-free or veganize recipes. The man knows what he's talking about and combined with the above, I see amazing vegan cupcakes in the future.

Food That Looks So Messy, It's Irresistible: I love this and it doesn't surprise me. With the big push toward sustainability and real food, wanting food in magazines and advertising to look real and delicious makes sense. Sure, it's going to look better on the glossy page than in your kitchen, but at least it looks real.

Environmental Defense Fund Seafood Selector: So much information about what is the most eco-friendly fish to eat that it just makes me hungry for wild Alaskan salmon (eco-best choice!). They have pocket guides too! Maybe you can't eat seafood all the time, but you can make smart choices when you do.

How Long Will Food Last In The Freezer?: If you buy some delicious, eco-friendly fish and don't eat it right away, how long will it last if you freeze it? This is a great guide, especially for people like me who sometimes forget what's in there.

Dark Chocolate Lowers Blood Pressure: As if I needed another reason. My favorite way to eat dark chocolate? Take tiny bites and let them melt in my mouth. mmmm!

I'm also loving: Portland Monthly's latest cover story about food carts, even if they didn't include two of my favorites (I should just changed this to things I love Thursday: food carts and farmer's markets); homemade burrito bowls by Aaron; fried chips at Holman's (plus their patio!); Renai's grilled salmon + a can of green beans on the fire; all day Sunday happy hour at the Alleyway; chile-spiced dried pineapple; getting other people really into food.

What are you loving this week?

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