Thursday, March 18, 2010

Things I Love Thursday: Mar. 18, 2010

Two things I love at the same time, Beer and Cheese Pairing: I’d love to do something like this at home. In fact, now that I’ve said that, I think I might.

Cute Food is Cute: I agree!

10 Common Ordering Mistakes in Paris: There are actually only nine, but they are all fun, even if you haven’t been there. My favorite was the discussion of getting tap water. Aaron and I ate at a café in Paris and asked for tap water, were served two bottles (the waiter cracked the caps too), and then we insisted that we wanted tap water. Seriously, just tap water. It took some work and our waiter hated us, but it was worth it. Don’t pay for bottled water! Even in Paris.

Booze without a hangover? It’s possible! I feel like I always post something about drinks in these. Hmm…

Gummy Bear Chandelier!

Do you like the band Wilco and sandwiches? Go to Toronto and eat here.

Making a $3 Pizza Stone: I’ve been craving a baking stone for a while now and this gives me hope that it can actually happen in the near future. I love crafty ideas like this!

Bob’s Red Mill Goes Employee Owned: You all already know how much I adore Bob. This makes me love him just that much more.

I’m also loving: Spring time (spring, spring, spring!) which means more yummy produce (Farmer’s Market in TWO DAYS!) and patios opening up at my favorite places to eat and drink; infused liquors; impromptu dinners by Aaron; Irish car bombs; cheese, beer, and wine samples at Trader Joe’s; Lay's Balsamic Sweet Onion Flavored Potato Chips (actually tastes like the ingredients. Weird, right?); leftovers in scrambles; breakfast dates.

What are you loving this week?


Brittany said...

Another excellent post! Your "Booze without a hangover? It’s possible!" link made me giggle because...booze doesn't have to mean hangover!

The pizza stone link was a good reminder that I had wanted to do this. Thanks! :o)

P.S. The fruit rubix is amazing. It makes me want to craft one myself and then turn it into sangria or something.

Brittany said...

I should clarify, I think it's funny that someone took the time to figure out that oxygenated alcohol means people don't get drunk when drinking too much booze. Like, yay? Now that we know that we can drink more? Or something. It just sounds like something a 20 year old college kid would figure out. Thanks, researchers!

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