Thursday, June 09, 2011

Things I Love Thursday: June 9, 2011

This should be called the yes! it's finally sunny! edition. Or the I actually have a little bit of time to make a post edition. Or the break from homework edition. The point is - hi! I love things related to food. Let's get to it before I get sucked back into homeworkland.

D. Trump Offers Worst Excuse Ever for Using a Fork to Eat Pizza: I love pizza. A lot. I was taught at an early age to NOT EAT PIZZA WITH A FORK and I'm from ALASKA (though raised by New Yorkers to be fair). I love this post because it describes exactly how I feel whenever I see people do this. If you don't want the carbs - eat something else. The end.

The Dog House PDX: An entire cart dedicated to tater tots. I'm sold.

And in other food carts news, The Greatest Food Truck Ever?: I love Star Wars. (I think that's fairly obvious now). I love food. This is perfect.

(see? Star Wars!)
10 Simple Kitchen Tips You Wish Someone Had Told You Earlier: I do know a lot of this stuff - now. For people just getting into cooking, this stuff won't seem obvious until later. I like big onions though - but I'm a fan of big onion flavor. The point is cooking is a learning process, but it's nice when someone helps you out early on.

A Slice of History: Awesome Tillamook recipes from 1934. Sounds "extra good" to me!

Greens Gone Wild: This whole post reminds me of Renai. Even though we're winding out of spring and into summer, get your greens while you can!
(also, fail on the spelling of avocado in the original post)
It's summer, so this Seared Watermelon recipe sounds so exciting to me right now. Well, probably just because the sun is shining at the moment (even though I'm indoors in a library), but dangit! I love summer. I also like finding new ways to experiment on the grill.

And while I'm talking summer recipes, check out Roasted Peppers with Capers and Mozzarella from Smitten Kitchen. I am also a fan of keeping the oven off during the summer (I always seems to fail at this though) and what do I also love? Anti pasti. Call it appetizers or by any other name and I am all about it. I'm a born apps and sides girl.

I'm also loving: the strange complications of trying to transport a cake to Seattle without a proper vessel to put the cake in (more on this soon); eating curry outdoors; accidentally running into the CakeSpy shop while walking around Seattle; also, holycrapbestclamchowderever at Six-Seven; finally getting Pel'Meni in Fremont (almost as good as the original plus getting potato without fuss); getting bad ass pickles from you-know-who; excellent pasta dinners from Aaron after working out; how awesome pizza tastes after a long bike ride; Hopworks having a new location on N Williams; dessert planning for friends; lavender mint water; strawberries everywhere; summer produce in general; @Stephenathome (aka Stephen Colbert) "Revenge is a dish best served cold. That's why I always take my revenge in the form of gazpacho."

What are you loving this week? 

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