Thursday, January 13, 2011

Things I Love Thursday: Jan. 13, 2011

Another week, another year (first TILT post of 2011!) and more things to love. Let's get to it!

(see the whole post here. It's similar to the article I posted in August)

Three Delicious Ways to Spike Your Hot Chocolate: The weather has been very wacky lately here in Portland, but I know a lot of the rest of the country is buried in snow and freezing their collective buns off. I have peppermint schnapps just for spiking cocoa, but these seem like fun! I'm sure the temp will take a dive again soon and I'll be ready!

Cookies and Cream Cheesecakes: These remind me a lot of these cupcakes I made back in the day and I know a certain someone who definitely like to give these a try. Plus, after making mini cheesecakes last year for the Super Bowl, I know better on how to do them.

How to Take Care of Your Knives: David Lebovitz to the rescue once again! Did you get an awesome knife set over Christmas? Did you recently upgrade in your kitchen? Learn how to keep your knives going for years of awesome meals.

(more shots available here) 

Kimchi Crisis!: Okay, I don't love this (lack of food is not something to love), but the title is kind of hilarious.

Cooking with Italian Grandmothers: My grandmothers are not Italian, though for a period of time I really wished the family was thanks to repeated viewings of The Godfather at a young age. Somehow I skimmed all of the violence and really focused on the huge Italian family dinners with all of the arguing and pasta. One of my favorite parts in the whole movie is when Clemenza lets Michael in on his secret for tomato sauce. Brillant! Anyway, this cookbook sounds amazing and I like the strong connections between food, family, and culture.

(sure it's New Trilogy, but I do like Star Wars cookies)

Automatic Cake Decorator: One thing I really struggle with is making my delicious baked goods actually look as good as they taste. This amazing creation could save me so much trouble! Now if only I had space for it... I guess I'll just have to learn to actually make food look pretty on my own.

Never Said About Restaurant Websites: So funny! Sometimes all you want is a phone number and address. Actually, most of the time that's all you want! This is well covered territory, with Portland Food and Drink having already talked about how awful they often are. It's similar to problems with university websites. Get it together restaurants!
Dinosaur Pancake by Jim of Jim's Pancakes (seriously, check out the rest of his awesome pancake creations. Okay, now I'm hungry for pancakes!)

I'm also loving: Aaron's food challenge (inspired by our friends Corey and Lisa and the Ground Rules blog); twice-baked potatoes with lots of broccoli; the fancy veggie slices at Mississippi Pizza; staring at food websites with Kirsten; pimento cheese and the planning of making many varieties (also with Kirsten); Turner eating one of my cupcakes and responding with "cupcake joy" (makes me feel awesome!); Mama Lisa making me feel better with peppermint tea and crackers while curled up on her couch watching The Sound of Music; spiced apple cider (warm or cold); re purposing halibut dishes; my Le Creuset (soooo happy!); pasta with so much garlic; warm dinners at home on cold, cold nights.

What are you loving this week? 

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