Thursday, June 23, 2011

Things I Love Thursday: June 23, 2011

It's my good friend Lisa's birthday! We've already celebrated this week with a classic movie from the year she was born and tonight is cocktails at Holman's and this weekend is music and friends. So today...things I love Thursday...for Lisa!

The Museum of the American Cocktail: This is a real place and that makes me happy. Also, another good reason to visit New Orleans? I think so! There are some things that are so connected to the American cocktail scene, like the Manhattan, and who doesn't like learning more about the history of things like that?

Yoplait Pulls Eating Disorder Triggering Commercial Off the Air: This makes me very happy. Food should be enjoyed and loved, but not everyone has a great relationship with food (have you seen how much the dieting industry makes?). It's nice to see companies listening to feed back and learning from it.

Give Berries a Hot Water Bath to Prevent Mold Growth: Add this to the things I wish I knew earlier in life. Fortunately my strawberries from the market on Saturday have been holding on strong, but this is good tip to know. I always buy too many berries anyway because they are pretty and delicious and I want to eat them all.

Cooking at Home with a Chef: I love this story because it reminds me of growing up and how people would always say to my mom "oh, you married a chef? You must eat so well!" and we did. Because my mom is a badass cook! My dad did cook too and his meals were obviously amazing, but when you work in a kitchen all the time you don't always want to go home and make more food. So yes, having a chef around is excellent, especially for birthdays, but so is having a mom who can rock out the kitchen.

Our Other Sushi Chef is a Giant Squid: Yes! If you aren't following The Monkeys You Ordered tumblr, you should be. They take New Yorker cartoons and give them literal captions. How much better is the caption they made than the original ("He feels he can do more good working within the system."). See? Much more hilarious.
Iron Age Brewing Evidence Found in Southeastern France: Why does the BBC always have the coolest stories? Anyway, it appears that as 2,500 years ago, the French were into beer even though making wine was already becoming kind of their thing. And you think you know a culture.

And in other France is an interesting place news, 10 Goofy Foods You'll Find in a French Supermarket: Lisa likes to make fun of me a call me a world traveler in a snooty voice. Well, okay, so I have traveled a bit, but this is funny even if you've never been to France! Cold pancakes in a bag? What? Also roast chicken flavored chips taste like roasted chicken skin. True story.

Dream Puff Marshmallows: Marshmallows. Made with Guinness. Can I get these in Portland please? Imagine the s'more you could make with that!
I'm also loving: free burgers from Little Big Burger for the celebration of their opening on Mississippi (yes!); soup instead of running; knowing that next week I will get to drink my Alaskan Raspberry Wheat; making tasty birthday dinners for Kirst (and having her be impressed! Awesome!); seeing my fellow foodie and radtastic friend Patrice next week (woo!); free samples at the market; making sangria none stop because I have too much brandy; strawberries all the time; Aaron craving sushi; grilled skewers; @simonpegg "As the rasher of bacon said to the pork chop, it's good to be back."; tonight! (I LOVE HOLMAN'S!)

What are you loving this week? 

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