Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Things I Love Thursday: Dec. 9, 2010

Make Your Own Girl Scout Cookies: This might be just the thing to get the Becca and Corey Holiday Bake Day going just right. Oh yes, that will be happening again. And I'm really excited about it. And maybe if you live in Portland, you might get a plate.

SunChips Bag Not Too Noisy for Canadians: Though the bags are ridiculously noisy, I think it's a fair trade off when considering how much better they are for the environment. Canada gets it. Just don't bring them to the movie theater.

San Francisco Bans Happy Meals: I think this is amazing and I am so surprised that it actually happened (though I'm not surprised by where it happened). They aren't actually banning them, they just want McDonald's to make the food targeted at kids healthier. Not healthy, but healthier. Parents should be able to make these decisions on their own, but big corporations need to think about what they are doing too and they won't unless someone (or in this case some city) makes them listen.

Nacho Infographic: Once upon a time, when I was living with Aaron and our friend Lindsay, I made a plate of nachos. Aaron said that when I die and they do the autopsy, inside of me will be nothing but nachos. Lindsay thinks this is one of the best moments of all time. This infographic (something else I love) tells you so many wonderful things about that amazing food: nachos.

And to go with those delicious nachos: hot sauce. Serious Eats has an awesome article about how to throw a hot sauce tasting party. Aaron has recently gotten into eating spicier food, so this would be very helpful. Plus, it looks like lots of fun! My friend Patrice also recently posted her hot sauce recipe. When it gets cold outside, it's time to spice things up!

Can you stop staring at it? Because I can't.

Last week I mentioned Jones Soda had made a crazy latke flavor, but the fun doesn't stop there folks! In what might be completely opposite of last weeks' Jones Soda mention, it appears they now have bacon soda. I know bacon is really popular right now, but do you really want to drink it? Please tell me someone does. I'd love to hear a taster's response (because I'm not going to drink it).

The God of Cake: I choked back laughter at work because this is one of the funniest things I have ever read. Cake is amazing and this is hilarious. Read it.

I'm also loving: super successful latke nights; my food processor; Rolo brownie mixes from overseas; Jameson and ginger; planning appetizer afternoons; future field trips to taste olive oils and vinegars; emptying out my pizza crust and filling it with parmesan cheese, just like when I was a kid; extra grilled onions; Norwegian soul food; Amy reading recipes to me while I'm trying to not think about tattoo inflicted pain (thanks so much! It helped!); Chris' ridiculous baked ziti and amazing first time ever garlic bread; PB&Js with lingonberry jam.

What are you loving this week? 


patchop! said...

Thanks for posting my hot sauce recipe Becca! Your blog is exploding with awesmoeness!!!


patchop said...

Ugh, I can't spell awesome.

Becca said...

We can pretend that, with your help, it's just so awesome that it needs a new word.

I can't wait to try that recipe. It looks amazing!

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