Thursday, December 23, 2010

Things I Love Thursday, Christmas Edition: Dec. 23, 2010

Well, it's almost Christmas and that's pretty cool. I hope you are all happy and safe and warm wherever you are and for whatever holiday you do or don't celebrate. Here's some fun holiday food stuff I'm loving right now.

Cookie Cutter Ornaments: Nothing says I'm into Christmas and baking like these. I'm sure this would make a lovely gift.

Recycled Soda Christmas Card: Another way to reuse food containers! These are so pretty!

Chocolate Cough Syrup: Well, lot's of people get sick around the holidays. When this is finally developed, it might make some of those sad folks feel just a little bit better. What a strange thing to develop though. Well, those Brits do like their warm beverages! Haha.

(Check out the how-to here)

Cookie Plate Comic: So true in so many ways. Be careful with your cookie plates!

Brie: My family really likes to do antipasti plates before holiday dinners. David Lebovitz has an awesome discussion about different kinds of brie and I think it's well worth a read. Of course, nothing will ever beat the brie I had in Paris on a baguette sandwich that was just like awesome cheese butter. But TJ's has some pretty good ones.

(awesome looking restorative post-holiday soup recipe here)

Shot Pint: Not only would this make a great gift, it might help everyone through these stressful holiday days. Know a non-drinker? Do shots of soda! Or egg nog? Okay, that sounds gross. Anyway, I think this looks pretty cool.

Dear Jewish Friends, Read This: Okay, so it's a stereotype, but it's a tasty one!

I'm also loving: snacky shopping for aforementioned antipasti plate; late night beers with my long lost friend Nate; squeezing in as many tasty meals as possible with Corey before she leaves the US; giving cookies to all my friends; bake day in general; Sarah's lemon bars like whoa!; Kirsten's cookies; my library always having so many goodies for all us student workers; the anticipation of AIM (Asian, Italian, Mexican) meals at my parents house; awesome congratulatory drinks from Lisa; happy hours all over the place; impromptu brown rice bowl dinners; spiced drinks of every kind.

What are you loving this week? 

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