Thursday, December 02, 2010

Things I Love Thursday, Chanukah Edition - Dec. 2, 2010

I know all of my Things I Love Thursday posts lately have been about holidays, but I guess it's just that time of year. Chaukah is one of my all time favorite holidays. What's not to like about celebrating a miracle for eight nights that involves fried potatoes, candy, and gifts? Tonight is the second night and though I haven't had any gelt yet (for shame! I know), I am very excited and I am planning on making up a whole mess of latkes this weekend.

And now, things I love for the holiday I love!

Cake Wrecks Takes on Chanukah: One of my favorite blogs, Cake Wrecks shows the world what happens to good, innocent holidays cakes when wreckerators get their hands on them. I think the candle one is my favorite.

There's a link in the Cake Wrecks post, but I think Sandra Lee's awfulness deserves a post all it's own. Serious Eats covers her atrocity, which though not as bad as her fabled Kwanzaa cake, is still very, very, VERY awful. So bad it's hilarious.

Deep Fried Cupcakes: Chanukah is about eating foods fried in oil. Do I like cupcakes? Uhm, obviously. And now a holiday-appropriate (if not artery appropriate) way to eat them. Cupcake Project also has a recipe for these very pretty linzer cupcakes for Chanukah.

Speaking of deep fried, Chanukah isn't Chanukah without latkes! Deb at Smitten Kitchen wows me again with this amazing recipe for apple latkes. Latkes for dessert? Now I've seen everything. The Kitchn has a recipe for Apple and Cheese Stuffed Latkes, and Serious Eats also has a good list of Chanukah recipes, including latkes and the perfect accompaniment to latkes: applesauce.

And speaking of latkes, guess what Jones Soda did? I am so curious to try this. Does anyone know if it's still around?

I'm also loving: potatoes, potatoes, potatoes. And onions. And gelt.

Happy Chanukah everyone!

What are you loving this week? 

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Carrina said...

That cake is dreadful in so many ways.

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