Friday, June 12, 2009

Travel + Food: Poland

Poland was all about pierogies. In fact, that's pretty much all I know about Polish food other than a very strange chicken dish I had.

So we started out in Oswiecim, Poland (better known from the German name of Auschwitz). After a long, sad day at the camps, we went to get lunch at a place recommended to us by the woman at our hotel. We get there and things go slowly, but then we get to our pierogies.

Oh my pierogies! These are the potato ones and they were so good. SO GOOD! I wanted to eat all of them, but I did share. After that, our main dishes started to arrive and I bumped the candle on our table, in it's low, uncovered container, into the cutlery basket and set the napkin and subsequently the basket on fire. Yeah, that was fun. So we got moved to a new table after dumping water all over the basket and I had my main dish, which I unfortunately neglected to take a picture of. It was a chicken breast topped with fruit (like kiwi) and then covered in cheese. It is probably one of the oddest things I have ever eaten in my life. I can't think of anything weirder.

Anyway, after that I knocked my water bottle over all over the floor and made a huge mess and a million hours later, we finally left. So if you're ever in Oswiecim, Poland, this is the place. Delicious pierogies. Just don't try to burn it down or flood it.

Later we were off to Krakow where we had mushroom and cabbage stuffed pierogies on the street and this fantastic falafel. The next day we drove all the way to the Slovak Republic border where we had some more super delicious potato pierogies at a gas station/truck stop restaurant. No pictures on those, but you know what pierogies look like.

Next up: Hungary!


Carrina said...

The pierogy (dang - how do you spell the singular form - 'ie' or 'y'?) looks so good! Are those cucumbers or zucchini? Seems like they would be zucchini, but they look so crisp that I wasn't sure.

So, do you know anyone Polish? Because I think I need one of these.

Oh, and falafel. Definitely going to need some falafel now. Street cart tour, anyone?

Becca said...

Carrina, those are cucumbers! Very crisp indeed. Unfortunatly, I don't know anyone Polish, but I know there's a place (or there used to be a place) right by the Pike Market that does amazing pierogies.

I'd love to do a street cart tour! Check out this website:

and let's do it!

PS: I think it's pierogi.

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