Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Travel + Food: In The Beginning or On the Way There and Northern Ireland

Dear, lonely, lonely food blog:

I am so sorry I abandoned you for lands afar. I had meant to update whilst away, but had much more limited internet access than I had anticipated. I do have lots to tell you now that I am home, though, and I hope you will forgive me.

So hi everyone! I've been home since Friday eve and I've been getting my life back in order since and waking up insanely early (for me). Today is the first day that I've been back and have woken up and not felt totally dead already. Progress!

My food adventures in (mostly) Eastern Europe can pretty much be summed up with one word: potatoes. But not really in the beginning. Anyway, here we go:

Aaron and I left Portland on May 17. We had a long, boring flight to Atlanta where we didn't have seat assignments and stood on a long line to find out we needed to go sit back down and wait until we were called. After about an hour of stress, we got seats and somehow, through the magic of it all, got bumped to first class.

Clearly, I am very excited. We got sparkling wine, a three course meal, more wine, and then breakfast. For dinner (sorry, no photos), I had Greek salad, Moroccan crab salad, cream of asparagus soup, butternut squash ravioli with browned butter sauce, and a cheese platter. It was fantastic! Breakfast was a little less so, but I did get a fruit cup, which was awesome.

After landing in Dublin, we rushed to take a 4 hour bus ride up to Derry, where Aaron's sister Becca was doing a semester abroad. She had her going away party that night and made tons of tasty food, including some incredible guacamole. The next afternoon we took a bus down to Belfast to hang out with her friend Conor and fly out to Berlin. My last meal in Northern Ireland was at a Spanish tapas restaurant, which involved this drink (whatever it was) because they didn't have white wine sangria.

Becca poured me my last cup. It was tasty, but hard to drink.

My next posts will have more pictures. Promise!

Up next: Berlin!

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