Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Travel + Food: Czech Republic

Before my trip, I knew little to nothing about Czech food. I still don't know a whole lot now, other than potatoes are heavily involved. It's Eastern Europe, that's what they do. As my family background is a mishmash of Eastern European Jewry, I knew at least that much.

So our first night in Prague involved us going to the Czech Beer Festival. It operates like most beer festivals: you buy tokens and that allows you to drink, eat, and be merry. I tried a variety of beers based on picking one at random as I don't know Czech and enjoying some of them. We also ordered a variety of food.

Much of what we ate wasn't very memorable, but this garlic soup was. Oh my gosh, it was delicious! I wanted to eat it forever. I wiped up the bottom of bowl with bread and wasn't really into sharing it. Num num num! There were also potato pancakes (no picture, sorry!) that tasted almost exactly like the ones my dad and I make. I've never had ones that tasted THAT similar. Maybe we're Czech?

One of the highlights of the beer festival is the roasted bull. They roast an entire bull. It creeped me out a bit. Aaron said it was quite tasty.

Our other day in Prague involved more potato pancakes, fried cheese (yummy, but not super noteworthy), and accidentally missing dinner to go on a pub crawl. (oops!)

Up next: Poland!

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