Monday, June 15, 2009

Travel + Food: Hungary

This is going to be a short one because:
a) I didn't eat any authentic Hungarian food
b) I didn't take many photos
c) It just wasn't that interesting a food adventure

So Hungary, or really for us, Budapest, was an experience. It was cloudy and rainy the whole time and I didn't eat any Hungarian food, so clearly I need to go back.

Our first day in Budapest involved this strange, Turkish(?) lunch. I had the bizzaro pizza because they didn't have fried cheese and I guessed at this being vegetarian pizza. I was right. I just didn't know it would come with corn, pineapple, mushrooms, tomatoes and some odd peppers, none of which really went together. But the crust was decent and I was hungry. I believe what Aaron and Becca split was translated as meatballs in English. They were apparently odd.

That night we had Italian when choosing between Chinese buffet or more kebab.

The next day, after a super relaxing afternoon at the thermal baths, we wandered through the park and some sort of carnival business. And Becca accidentally ordered an entire fried fish. It tasted okay at the time, but did a number on some stomachs later on.

PS: Traditional Hungarian food includes the fantastic chicken paprikash and goulash.

Next up (my favorite): Bavaria, Sweet Bavaria!

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