Monday, June 15, 2009

Travel + Food: Bavaria

Oh sweet, sweet Bavaria. Bavarian food is fantastic for meat eaters and pseudo-vegetarians and even real vegetarians. It's a nightmare for your health, but a delight for your tastebuds. Eat, drink, and be merry!

My first experience in Bavaria (this time around) was in Vienna, land of the cafes. We went to a traditional Austrian restaurant that night and ohhhhh goodness. I got to have delicious Bavarian beer and more importantly spätzle. More specifically, spätzle covered in cheese and crispy onions. This picture is total cheater because it's from my last trip with Aaron and it was taken in Munich. I forgot to take a picture of mine before I scarfed it down. It is just that good. If you have a chance, go and find it. Other dishes consumed included schnitzel and more schnitzel.

We had a lame lunch the next day, but then it was cafe time. Vienna is well known for its cafe scene and it deserves the rep. We had far too expensive hot cocoa (but so worth it) and various delicious cakes. We lingered, as is custom, and felt delicious as pure chocolate began to flow through our veins.

On our way through Southern Germany on toward Munich, we stopped in a small town and had a seafood lunch, which, unfortunatly, I did not take any pictures of. I'm forgetful, it's true, and being crammed into the middle backseat of a car can turn your focus on just food. Aaron and I split some garlic soup and a delicious piece of pike-perch. We also had a fabulous roulade and Aaron had the traditional Bavarian specialty of weisswurst, which he missed the last time around. As it turns out, it's pretty fabulous, according to Aaron.

When we finally reached Munich, Aaron and I directed the family back to one of the Augustiner (my favorite Bavarian beer) beer halls that we loved the last time around. I had convinced myself that they had käsespätzle so that Becca and I might gorge ourselves on it once more. As it turns out, when I had it before (from the picture), it had been the vegetarian special of the day, which was Monday. We were not there on a Monday. Fortunately they did have other dishes with spätzle. We ate, drank gigantic beers, and were merry.

For my second to last dinner in Bavaria, we had Greek. I know, I know, a lot of various ethnic foods have appeared on this trip review. I wouldn't even be mentioning it if it weren't for this Greek salad which was amazing! We were in Starnbergersee, which is about 12 km outside of Munich and is beautiful. Delicious, light, fresh food near a lake are a perfect way to unwind before having to fly for a million hours.

So that's it! I have a dish from before I left plus a couple from since I've been back that I will be updating soon. The weather is getting pretty nice and sunny here and I hope to be hitting the farmer's market with more regularity. Hopefully this summer will see some fun, interesting dishes.

Or maybe I'll just be so overheated that I'll only be making gelato and sorbetto.

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