Thursday, March 24, 2011

Things I Love Thursday: Mar. 24, 2011

Did you know this week is American Chocolate Week? Yeah, neither did I. And I haven't even eaten any chocolate! I will need to fix that today.

Cereal May Help Ward Off Hypertension: Just in case you were getting bored of your cereal in the morning, this might give you a reason to go for the bowl. I try to switch it up by getting different cereals, but there's a reason it's such a morning staple - it's easy and it doesn't involve thinking. I also switch up my alternative milks to keep my no-think breakfast a little more lively. Right now I'm into coconut milk, but I also really dig almond milk and rice milk.

The Magical Bend: These are perfect! I have lost so many spoons in soup. Plus, they look really, really cool. I love it!

(recipe here)

Portland loves its food carts, but what we haven't had is a cart dedicated to food on a stick. Until now! Stick-It is in North Portland and all of their food is designed to be eaten without utensils. What's not to like about this?

Fake Accent: Most of these probably won't surprise you, but it's always fun for me to see food and dish origins. What I found most amusing about this was how many of the dishes weren't Italian (or the like), but Italian-American. I think that's one thing America does well. Traditional ethnic foods are modified and changed and become something unique to this country. So if you thought one dish was from somewhere, you probably are only a generation off.

My Avgolemono - a story of a once in a life time soup:Written by my friend Anna who is currently living in Texas, this is a rocking blog post that reminds me about why we cook - for the love of it. The crazy things we do in the kitchen might not always be picture perfect or come out the same way every time, but that's why it's so wonderful and so fun. I love her write up about this. Even better, she also included the recipe for her soup, which sounds amazing.

Proof Bagels Grow on Trees: If only this were true, I'd have a tree in my yard right now. I guess it might be time to make my own again. But I'll probably have to make lox too.

Sparkleskitchen: Just look at those macarons! I love the interview with her about food being crafty. Every once in awhile I feel like I'm not crafty at all because I don't knit or sew or make buttons or whatever, but I am reminded that I am crafty in the kitchen. I also love her answer for her most cherished handmade possession. Like her, I have found memories of my grandmother's food - like her peach cake. Every summer when she visited us in Alaska, I would get peach cake. When I visited her in Brooklyn a few years ago, I got a peach cake all to myself. Food memories are the best kind!

Two things I love - Cookie Monster and libraries. He just wants a cookie!
(thanks Turner!)

I'm also loving: free bags of bialys!; pizza time with Aaron and Lisa; Oregon strawberry ice cream mixed with Washington French lavender; QueenLBee - "#threewordstoliveby more cheese please"; being a smartass because I know what hamantaschen are; banh mi (and Vietnamese food weekend!); Stephen Colbert for this "If we mix science with food, it's only a matter of time before people believe we evolved from a PB&J sandwich" and also this "Why buy the cow when you can buy milk at the supermarket? It's a lot cheaper."; whiskey and coke; bagels for breakfast, lunch, and then again the next day; cheese sticks while watching Say Yes to the Dress with Lisa; snacks of apples and honey; Michael J. Nelson - "'Marshmallows are just way too hard to eat. Is there any way you can make a spreadable cream?' - some brave pioneer from the past."; roasted veggies with everything.

What are you loving this week? 

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Lesa Monster said...

i want chocolate mice with cheese and another bahn mi!

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