Thursday, March 10, 2011

Things I Love Thursday: Mar. 10, 2011

Battleship Drinking Game: You'd think this would just be a modification of regular Battleship, but with drinking, but oh no, dear reader. No, someone invented a Battleship game with drinking built in. This just cracks me up because everyone I know has cheated at the original game, but I imagine with drinking involved the cheating will just seem obvious. Also, have you looked at Battleship lately? It's gotten really complicated! I can't even find the original one on the Hasbro site.

Woman Trashes Bakery in "Cupcake Rage": You know, I really love cupcakes. I do. I, however, generally keep back up choices in mind when going out for cupcakes. I don't totally take apart a bakery because they don't have my flavor. This cracks me up! Maybe she played a round or two of Battleship before going out?

Pel'Meni in Seattle: I stumbled across this last week and immediately had to post it to Facebook, where everyone had basically the same reaction I did - heck yes! For those of you who don't know (and I'm not sure I have many non-Juneau readers, but anyway), pel'meni are these amazing little Russian dumplings made with meat or potato that are perfect for lunch or filling your belly after a night on the (very very small) town. The fact that I can now get it at less than 200 miles away as opposed to Bellingham or Juneau makes me so, so happy. Seriously. I am also glad that I was able to inform Renai and Amy about this because at least they are in Seattle. Road trip for pel'meni? It could happen!

The Mutato Archive: This is a really cool examination of non-standard produce from Berlin's farmer's markets.

Some Bottled Water Thoughts (and Maybe Some Rants): This sums up basically everything I think about bottled water. Though I haven't seen Tapped yet, I have been all about taking back the tap for some time now. It's not hard to get a reusable water bottle and a lot of them are really cool looking too. I'm lucky to live somewhere that has good tasting water (though not as good as the stuff I drank in Juneau), but getting a filter is also really, really easy. I know I'm preaching to the choir, but this is a cool article for those of you who haven't read it.

20 Recipes for a Big Italian Supper: I'm obsessed with big Italian meals. When I was younger, I really, really wanted to be Italian. I saw The Godfather and Goodfellas and often ignored all of the violence because I was so focused on the big family meals. How cool is that? So I'm not from a big Italian family, but I am from a family of Italian eaters and this sounds like a fun Sunday to me.

The Anatomy of a Recipe: If you click on nothing else, please look at this chart. It says everything that needs to be said about cupcakes.Recipe charts are so cool and I would definitely put these up on my kitchen walls.

How can you make cupcakes even better? Cupcake Fondue! Tasty cupcakes that are easy to share. I love everything about this.

I'm also loving: going spicier with my Thai food; crusty, crunchy, delicious bread; loving soup and then hating it because I'm eating it all the time and then loving it again (oh soup!); getting offers for breakfast at midnight; extra garlic in everything; faux-tapenade quesadillas; tea all the time; humongous oatmeal brulee from Gravy; Aaron starting to eat sushi; piiiizzzaaaaaa; talking refried beans with my boss; every flavor of kombucha ever; Corey doing the Julie/Julia experiment with my blog in Ireland with her boyfriend (I'm so special!); also, being her food reference person (who knew sour cream would be hard to find in Northern Ireland?); fancy instant ramen; baked sweet potatoes.

What are you loving this week? 


Amy Marie said...

a few things: i went to the pel meni in seattle and it was delicious, but not quite as good as the OG. mostly because it was $7 and I swear the portions were smaller. PLUS they put the sour cream on it for you, not in those little plastic cups, so you don't get to do adequate portion control with the s'cream.

also, i have been all about the tap for a really long time but i didn't realize how important having a filter actually is. not because there might be dirt in it or something but because the water is full of weird treatments--chlorine, flouride, etc, that are not good for our body at all. so DEFINITELY worth getting a filter!

xoxo love you!

Becca said...

I had a feeling about the pel meni. I saw the picture of it with sour cream on it, which is so wrong. I'd like 4 cups of sour cream PLZ! Was it easier to get potato though?

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