Thursday, February 24, 2011

Things I Love Thursday: Feb. 24, 2011

This week Portland has been in a tizzy about impending snow storms. As usual, it's sound and fury signifying nothing. Especially for this Alaska girl. Well, not quite nothing. I listened to three women talk about the weather and transportation for 30 minutes on the bus today. Anyway, on to things I LOVE!
Despite the lack of huge piles of snow, it's still fairly cold out. I like to eat oatmeal, well, all the time, but also when it's cold. Here's how not to do it. This article is hilarious and I'm sure oatmeal lovers will agree. Speaking of oatmeal lovers, The Fantastic Mr. Feedbag(aka my darling friend Patrice who I featured in my last TILT...or two) has an awesome oatmeal recipe up right now.

10 Crazy Food Tattoos: Admittedly, I think most of these are awful, but I get it. Sometimes it's totally taco time and you need everyone to know.

James Beard Award Semifinalists Announced: I haven't been to nearly enough of these places, but it just makes my list of restaurants to eat at longer. Toro Bravo, though, I have been to and it's amazing and I wish I were eating there right now.

Brownie Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies: Sometimes you want a brownie. Sometimes you want a cookie. Sometimes your sugar cravings go nuts and you want both at once. What to do? Stacking them is kind of awkward. Apparently someone else has thought of this and stuffed a brownie inside of a cookie. Yes!

Google Recipe Search: Adding on to the million of new ways Google has made my life easier, they are adding a specific search in Google just for recipes. I didn't see it when I tried just a little bit ago, but I'm looking forward to using it.
Playable Angry Birds Cake: I haven't actually played this game (I know, for shame!), but so many people I know have and would really like this cake. Cake + game = awesome.

7 Best Beer Cities in America: I love that Portland is on this list because duh. We're home to Widmer, Hopworks, BridgePort, Laurelwood (check out a full listing here). What I don't love? We're not number one. I might be (okay I am) biased, but I think Portland is THE destination for beer in America (period). I do also love the shout out to the Widmer Gausthaus because they deserve it. Their spätzle rocks my socks.

I'm also loving: coming home to delicious, hot meals made by Aaron (including ridiculously tasty turkey gravy); snacks at the Youth Services meeting (youth librarians know how to snack!); baking from a library book for the first time and the delicious, delicious results; finding ways to deal with too much frosting other than just eating it; mussels + beer + bacon; fancy ice cream on sale; amazing samples at New Seasons; pizza with friends, even my weird pizza; pizza for breakfast; pizza all the time!; brewer's yeast on popcorn; wanting to move into the culinary reference aisle at Powell's with Kirsten; giving cookbooks as gifts; my garlic sprouting.

What are you loving this week? 


Renai said...

That ridiculous meat tattoo is actually on a Juneau girl! She's a few years younger then me, and kind of insane in a really awesome way. Riley something?

Becca said...

Dude! Weird!

Patrice said...

Dude, you are amazing! Thank you!!!!!!!

Becca said...

Patsy, I'm just all up in your blog these days!

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