Thursday, February 03, 2011

Things I Love Thursday: Feb. 3, 2011

The Taco Bell Ground Beef Kerfuffle: I'm sure you've all heard about this by now, but it just amazed me how quickly the news spread. At first I saw it in a blog post, and then The Consumerist is on the case and the next thing you know, Stephen Colbert is eating the Frito Burrito (as Aaron calls it) on The Colbert Report. Taco Bell responded, but things have definitely gotten weird. It's Taco Bell, though, and I'm sure my hometown will still be obsessed with it. As a random aside, I didn't eat there once all last year and I can't say that I've been missing it. Even after a long night out.

Are Pies the New Cupcake?: In other all over the place food news, I guess cupcakes are over and now it's on to pie? Honestly, I don't buy it and here's why: they are both delicious and should be eaten. Of course there are cupcakeries everywhere now and I can see how the trend has hit a peak, but do we really need to say cupcake, you're over? Sure, pie is coming up in a big way, but I agree with CakeSpy when she says let's just eat both. They're great! I'm not the only one musing about this. Maybe we should get together a talk about it...over pie...or cupcakes.

In super duper duh news, NPR tells us why bacon is a gateway meat for vegetarians. The answer? It's delicious. I mentioned how bacon broke me way back in 2008. At least there's some science behind it. Delicious, delicious science.

Real Food Flowchart: Awesome. Like most things though, I try not to take it too seriously. If you get too caught up in food politics, you start to lose what's so great about food and eating. The gist of it is spot on, though.

Up Cake by kpoplover1215 (via Girly Bubble) (I love this movie. So much. I want to eat this cake and watch this movie, but only after the first 10 minutes. I don't want to cry and eat cake at the same time.)
Fruit Ninja - Great As A Game, Even Better In Real Life?: I don't have an iphone, but I have a similar game on my phone and it is so much fun. If you want to see someone wildly flailing around at fruit, watch these videos. They are hilarious!

The Pollinator Frock - A Dress That Feeds Bees: Yay for saving bees..with fashion!

Learning to Cook: xkcd nails another thing about my life. Hover over the comic to get the alt text. That's the only reason I didn't embed it here.

Add to the list of things I want to do: root beer taste test! I love root beer. A lot. I loved making it in my 8th grade history class. It had something to do with...something making root beer. Anyway, I would love to do something like this. It's be interesting to see how my tastes compare to that of my root beer lovin' friends. For example, I don't really like licorice (okay, more like totally despise it, but moving on), so I don't like my root beer to be heavy on that flavor. I have crazy friends who do. Who wants to drink a bunch of root beer with me?

I'm also loving: Pressure Cooker - "y'all don't even have good palettes yet"; last Taco Tuesday with Corey for many, many months; Aaron succeeding at his no red meat challenge; super sample day at Costco; garlic in everything, but especially guacamole; happy hour at Bartini (it's kind of amazing); fancy lunches; warm apple cider on cold patios; tea and more tea and even more tea and tea in my Wonder Woman mug; French cooking; free cake; anniversary cupcakes; plum sake.

What are you loving this week? 

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