Friday, February 27, 2009

Spicy Rosemary-Cayenne Popcorn

I meant to post this on Tuesday, but the internet and my computer decided to not be friends. And then Wednesday I was just tired. Thursday I had coffee with an old friend in the morning and my friend Renai came into town that same afternoon. Today I had a job interview and now there's a lull and I'm posting! Hooray! My friend Amy will be in town tomorrow, so I will likely not be posting for another couple of days. I've got some good stuff coming though!

So here's the grand, final post of the appetizer extravaganza that was Aaron's birthday party:

When searching for ideas for birthday party appetizers, I of course checked out tastespotting. When I saw this popcorn recipe, I knew I had to do it. Aaron and I have a few plastic food baskets that we picked up years ago because they look exactly like the popcorn ones from Bullwinkle's, a pizza parlor in our home town. (I did not know they had a website until just now.) PS: How awesome is free popcorn with pizza? So awesome. More places should do this. Anyway, they spend most of their time sitting in the cabinet, unused. What a great opportunity this was to make something tasty and different for Aaron’s birthday and to use these lonely, unused baskets.

In addition to this, our friend Lindsay got us a great set of popcorns for Chrisannukah a couple of years ago. The Savannah Gold was my choice for this dish and it worked out perfectly. Mixing it all up was a bit of work, but the results were so worth it.

Spicy Rosemary-Cayenne Popcorn from

2 Tb. melted unsalted butter
1 Tb. dried rosemary
2 Tb. grated parmesan
1 tsp. brown sugar
1½- 2 tsp. cayenne pepper
¼ tsp. salt (I used kosher)
6 cups popped popcorn

In the bottom of a large bowl, mix the butter, rosemary, parmesan, brown sugar, cayenne and salt. Pour the popcorn into the large bowl. Stir the popcorn to evenly coat the kernels with the seasoning.

The top is a little more flavorful because some of the seasoning stuck to the bottom of the bowl and didn’t mix too well. It didn’t seem to matter though as this stuff was being munched up quite quickly. I most certainly will do this one again, even if it’s just for movie night.

And that’s part 4 and the end! I’ll finish off with a picture from the party and everyone starting to dig in (Carrina is the blur closest to the camera). All in all, I think it went rather well. Everything was tasty and though I got a bit frazzled at the end, it all turned out fine. And I even got to eat my own food, which is always a plus.

PS: Yes, those are THE cookies in the background.


Carrina said...

So so so so so so SO good. OMFG so good. Thanks for posting this. I think I have to make this for myself and bring it to work. And the library. And the park. And the grocery store. And bed. Mmmmmmm...

Becca said...

Carrina! Do not eat popcorn in bed! haha, I'm glad you liked this so much!

Carrina said...

Hey, I have a Dustbuster now! I can eat popcorn anywhere I want!

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