Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Le Happy

Another cheater post. Sorry!

Yesterday was my 8th anniversary with Aaron (our wedding anniversary is in August) and while we kept the whole thing rather low key, we did want to eat something nice for dinner. But we waited...and waited. And then it was close to 10 pm. After our trip to Europe, I had been wanting to take my husband to Le Happy. We ate quite a few crepes in France and they do make for a fancy meal. Anyway, Le Happy is open late, even on Mondays, so it made for the perfect choice.

This was only my second trip there, but it was as good as I had remembered. It's small, but cozy. The red walls make the whole place seem just that much more romantic. There are a ton of crepe choices, both savory and sweet, or you can add to any of them, or make your own. There are also cocktails and beer galore.

Everything is so tasty. Aaron had Le Trash Blanc with the half steak and salad and I have Le Cinq with caramelized onions added in. I had a Pilsner Urquell to wash everything down. When our plates arrived, there was a brief moment of reverence and then we dove in. The crepes were the perfect thickness, the perfect amount of salt, and the perfect amount of filling. The fillings themselves were evenly spread throughout, so each bite was delicious.

For dessert we split the Citron Strawberry and I must say it was difficult to not just lick the plate when we were done. It was so good!

The whole experience was wonderful and I cannot wait to go back. It has also inspired be to try to make crepes on my own, so hopefully there will be a post about that in the near future.

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