Thursday, February 25, 2010

Things I Love Thursday: Feb. 25, 2010

Are you lactose intolerant? This article is a bit dense, but worthwhile. I have self-diagnosed as partially lactose intolerant because milk and I are not really friends, but I love the heck out of cheese and it doesn’t make me feel like milk does. Anyway, this is worth a read.

World’s Strongest Beer: Oh goodness, this sounds dangerous. Very, very dangerous.

Butch Bakery: What? Everyone loves cupcakes. Okay, not everyone, but I don’t feel like dessert needs to be split along gender lines. This is just ridiculous. Sorry for posting something I don’t love, but that is kind of funny.

In something else I’m not loving, but you should read. No Brownies at Bake Sales in NYC: What I do love? Homemade foods. I understand wanting kids to be healthy, but Doritos are not the answer. Teach kids a love of cooking and food and guess what? They’ll appreciate it in a whole new way.

Adobe Photoshop Cook:

Adobe Photoshop Cook from Lait Noir on Vimeo.
This is amazing! Aaron showed this to me and I wish it were real.

Holy yes! Pizzacones: The cones are handmade and you can so many things in them. I want to eat here! Or have one be in Portland. Whichever.

Apparently I really like food that looks like something else. Jell-o-scape: This is the most beautiful jell-o I’ve ever seen.

I’m also loving: Nancy’s non-fat yogurt (especially with muesli); taco Tuesdays @ Por Que No; and on that note, Dutch tacos from FlavourSpot (thanks for sharing the love Corey!); learning how to make raised beds; PB&J sammies; the fact that Burgerville allows bikes through the drive-thru (excited for biking with smoothies this summer); also the fact that the Portland Farmers Market starts up again in less than a month; spinach, just because.

Food Flowchart by Sarah Cue the Sun

What are you loving this week?

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Tom said...

That food chart is awesome!

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