Thursday, February 04, 2010

Things I Love Thursday: The Beginning

This new feature is inspired by one of my favorite blogs, icing by Gala Darling. It’s filled with tons of cute outfits and positive ideas. I adore it and so should you. Anyway, she does this feature every week called Things I Love Thursday and on Friday’s she does Carousel. TILT is filled with things that make her happy and that she loved. Carousel is a collection of awesome links from all over the internet. My version of TILT is going to be a combination of her two features, all related to the cool food stuff I see. It might not be every week because, well because, but I’ll endeavor to do it as often as possible. There’s lots of really great food articles and such out there and I want to share with you. So this is what I’ve got!

The 25 Most Awesome Mugs Ever Created: My favorites are this one,and also this, this, and of course this. I find these especially cool after Renai’s post about tea. I also don’t have a ton of very nice mugs, but I do have some serviceable ones. I may have to invest in a nice mug. Or Darth Vader. Whatever.

Coffee Foam Art: I don’t drink coffee, but this makes me wish I did. Especially this one.

Coolest Teabag Ever: I swear these won’t all be about tea/coffee, but this is amazing! Want, want, want. I'm singing it in my head now.

Message in a Cookie Cutter: Since baked goods are already a great way to say thank you, you can make it even better by having the cookie itself ACTUALLY say thank you. This would work out well for me because my penmanship, particularly my icing penmanship, leaves something to be desired.

Lady Gaga Cupcakes: Heck yes.

Speaking of cupcakes, here are 100 Game Cupcakes: It didn’t surprise me much how many of these games I’ve played.

200 Food T-Shirts: This is an amazing list. Found it through a friend’s mom posting it on her Facebook page. The magic of social networking! Favorites includes this, this, this, this one because it reminds me of my dad, and this one. This one is really cute too. I’ve seen this one in person and I still think it’s funny. Oh, just go look at the list!

PS: These are acceptable presents. Just FYI.

Legos + Kitchen = AMAZING! Two things I love in the same place.

What are you loving in food this week?


Renai said...

The submarine teabag reminded me that I saw another one that's a floating SHARK FIN with the bag under it on some blog somewhere but couldn't find any more info. HMMM! I have just become addicted to the Serious Eats website this week and can't get enough of it.

Becca said...

RENAI! Oh my gosh, I want one! Both, actually. I really, really love the yellow submarine and would buy so many clear mugs just to look at it.

I'll have to check out Serious Eats. If you love it, I'll love it.

PS: I'd really love to do a cross blog thing sometime in the future!

Renai said...

I just re-read your post and saw your comment, durrrr. I'm actually RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT writing a link love post with a link to THIS post! I would love to come up with a cross blog idea or even a vs. type thing to do! I will email you :)

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