Thursday, May 05, 2011

Things I Love Thursday: May 5, 2011

Today is a great day! Why? Well, beyond just being a victory at the Battle of Puebla and a turning point in the Mexican war against France, it's also my mom's birthday! Built in party (look out for booze links!). So here's some stuff I'm loving because it's Thursday and because I love my mom (hence the cuppa picture. We drink a lot of tea when we're together).

New York Public Library to Brew George Washington’s Personal Beer Recipe: Because today is historical, here is an historical link. How cool is this? It's going to be tasted for the 100th anniversary of the NYPL's Stephen A. Schwarzman Building. Beer. Libraries. History. What's not to love? Thanks for sharing this Turner.

What They Ate in Colonial Virgina: Another piece of food history! This one comes to me via my fabulous friend Serenity. It's interesting how food habits change, but certain things remain the same, like the want for a hearty meals and sharing with your family. Also, does anyone else automatically think of the Oregon Trail when pemmican is mentioned? No? Just me? Ok.

10 Things to Taste in New Orleans: Also from the South, but in modern times, this is a fabulous list of what to eat when in NOLA. Now I want to go back and eat everything. My palate has expanded so much since I was there and I think I could really get into it. Though there are good places to get similar food here in Portland, being in the birthplace of such fabulous cuisine is just so much better.
The World's Best Cities for Beer - Portland: I actually found this through an article about Philadelphia, but whenever I see any list about beer cities, I have to check for Portland. We're usually on it and with good reason: there is so much good beer here!

How Long Can You Survive on Beer Alone?: In lamer beer news, some guy did a beer fast and ended it with a bacon smoothie. The reason I love this though? It turns out you can survive on beer alone...but just long enough to develop scurvy. Maybe mix in some citrus margaritas?

And if you're going to make margaritas, why not check out The Best Cheap Tequilas Under $25?
Bicycle Wine Rack: Because you like wine and the environment. Or for a picnic in the park? Also, my mom likes wine. If she lived closer, I could bike it over with this! I just love that this is a real thing.

Garnish - The Most Misunderstood Word in Cooking: All the food on your plate should have a purpose. The garnish is there to enhance not just the look of your food, but the flavor profile too. Michael Natkin offers up some great suggestions for garnishes that will improve your dish.
I'm also loving: "Almond butter is the champagne of nut butters." - Patrice; berry-rhubarb ginger floats on sunny days at Ruby Jewel; did you see this soup that Kirsten made for me? So good (and a secret)!; grilling season is here!; nacho delivery service, why aren't you real?; surprise pancake breakfasts on a workday; "Food trend you wish would fade away? 'Guy Fieri.' —Porkins"; pizza for helping friends move; made up quesadilla things with tons of rainbow chard; spinach on burgers; basically running to Russell St. on a last minute invite; and on that note, pimento cheese; the smell in the house after I bake cookies.

What are you loving this week? 

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