Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tattooed Librarians of the Pacific Northwest or: How You Can Help Me Graduate

As you might be aware from all of my excuses when I'm not posting, I'm currently in semester 4 of 6 of a Master's of Library Science program. I love food, but I also love libraries. Anyway, I'm really enjoying it, even if it stresses me out. One thing that's really cool about being in this distance program is the ability we have to plan our own graduation...but that also means we have to pay for it.

Enter the Tattooed Librarians of the Pacific Northwest Calender! Most of the photos were taken by my friend Lisa at the Pacific Northwest College of Art library and even though we do look amazing, we are looking amazing for a purpose. Proceeds from calendar purchases help fund our graduation. With shopping season upon us, don't you want your money to go somewhere useful and give your friends and family an awesome present?

Yeah, you should. And spread the word! My friend Turner wrote a post about this as well, which has more details, or just check out the calendar page.

Thank you all so much and I promise the next post will be about food.

PS: I'm August.

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