Friday, October 30, 2009

Mexican Cookies

What happens when you combine Mexican brownies and chocolate chip cookies? You get these cookies that seem to resemble snickerdoodles more than a combination of the above. They’re very tasty though!

This happened because my friend David’s parents were in town and he was having a pizza party at his place. Of course I had to bring something over! But alas, no peanut butter M&Ms! I did have some crushed Ibarra chocolate and all the fixings for regular chocolate chip cookies, so off I went.

The base was the chocolate chip cookies plus a bunch of cinnamon and chile powder. Then in went the crushed Ibarra, some more cinnamon, a bit more chile powder, and mini chocolate chips. I scooped them out onto a cookie sheet, sprinkled raw sugar and cinnamon on top, and baked for about 10 minutes at 375 degrees.

I thought they were fabulous and they went over very well at the party, but I think they would’ve been a better combination of the two with more Ibarra and more chile powder. Unfortunately I only have a cell phone picture of it, so just try to imagine delicious, moist, cinnamon-y cookies that were consumed very quickly.

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