Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Crisp Cinnamon Apple

To celebrate this New Years Eve, I decided to create a cocktail. It's based on wanting something sparkly because it's NYE and wanting something boozy...because it's NYE.

Here's what I did:

3 oz. hot cinnamon schnapps
Enough sparkling apple cider to fill glass
Crushed ice

Fill most of champagne flute with crushed ice. Add hot cinnamon schnapps. Fill glass with sparkling cider. Enjoy!

Happy 2009!


Carrina said...

Wait, what?? Where was I??? Oh, I think I was asleep. I think I will need to make this for a special occasion like Valentine's Day - or... Tuesday. Tuesday's special, right? Forget your husband and his "Tuesday rule."

Rebecca Chernay said...

I'm fairly sure you were asleep as you were heading to Seattle the next day. These were very good, but the first one I did wasn't so much. The proportions were way off and I got a little tipsy just working on that!

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