Thursday, February 28, 2013

Things I Love Thursday: February 28, 2013

Man, having a baby is like living in a worm hole. You wake up, go to change a diaper, and it's a month later. Weird stuff. Here's a wham bam list of stuff I have been loving in my less sleep deprived than I was but still pretty sleepy state. Also dedicated to Aaron, who turned 31 last week, and Corey, who made it to Dirty 30 last week. I do like February. And you all for sticking with me.

Tom Haverford - Food Instagrammer: One of the things I love most in this world is Aziz Ansari's amazing character on the always hilarious Parks and Recreation. I legit love every single thing about this show, but Tom is just so ridiculous, I can't stop. Tom is a foodie. This is how. This is why you should be watching this too.

Dinosaur Comics Gets Ridiculous About Food: One of my fave web comics recently had a series of totally silly comics about food. Do you still want to eat lasagna after that? Yeah, I do. Anyway, check it out here, here, here, here, and here.

Internet Pizza: What can I say other than I like food and comics about them?

Pizza on Film: Oh, also that I like movies about food or that at least reference pizza. Can you name every movie from this supercut? I was pretty close. And it is amazing. Just do it.

Ice Cream and Broken Hearts: Facts. Kind of.

Best Goat Cheeses: Okay, so Aaron and Corey both hate goat cheese. But I love it. So there.

I'm also loving: when I get a chance to actually enjoy a meal instead of scarfing it because the baby is upset.

Love you guys! Stick with me, I do have more stuff, I promise!

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