Tuesday, April 12, 2011

National Grilled Cheese Day!

I was informed (via Twitter) that today is National Grilled Cheese Day. It is also National Library Worker Appreciation Day, so I am feeling very special because I a) am a library student and work in a library and b) love the heck out of grilled cheese. After doing a happy dance and proudly exclaiming to everyone in sight about how awesome today is, Turner asked me if I was going to blog about it and that I should do a top grilled cheese post. Excellent idea! I have many recipes I've been scoping for fun, fancy, and just plain delicious looking grilled cheese sandwiches. So, here we go!

To start us off, let's check out Adam Richman of Man V. Food going crazy on a 16 different types of cheese, 5 pound grilled cheese sandwich in Cleveland. The place is called Melt and it looks wonderful. 

Better with Garlic: Not to toot my own horn too much, but I think I make a pretty darn good grilled cheese sandwich. So far I've only blogged about two of them - Sweet Grilled Goat Cheese and  SuperFrico Grilled Cheese. Both were delicious and are well worth your time.

Closet Cooking: I realized, as I was going through my recipes, that many of them are bookmarked from Closet Cooking. He has incredible variation of the grilled cheese theme, making everything from JalapeƱo Popper Grilled Cheese to Grilled Goat Cheese and Roasted Red Pepper Pesto (and the Sundried Tomato Pesto Grilled Cheese as another variant on the pesto-cheese theme) to the fascinating Kimchi Grilled Cheese (pictured above). So thank you, Kevin, you've filled my reader with fabulous starred sandwich recipes!

In sandwiches-designed-for-Amy news, here's a Green Goddess Grilled Cheese. Also fabulous looking, this panino with brie and pears.

These Grilled Beer and Cheese and Grilled Cheese with Sauerkraut on Rye sandwiches sound beyond delicious and perfect for cold nights or with football.Or both!
On the sweet side, Kevin from Closet Cooking has even more grilled cheese up his sleeve, including the ridiculously delicious sounding Apple Cinnamon Swirl Grilled Cheese. And, also check out the ridiculously decadent Raspberry Cream Cheese Paninis. You dip them in chocolate! What else do you need?

For even more delicious ideas (because when it comes to grilled cheese, too much is never enough), check out The Kitchn's list , including one that Kirst and I should try - Pimento Grilled Cheese!

I hope I helped get you hungry from grilled cheese. Tonight, Aaron, some friends, and I are going to go up to Grilled Cheese Grill and celebrate today. Have a wonderful grilled cheese day!

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