Saturday, November 15, 2008

Green light: now begin

Hey, I’m Rebecca, known as Becca to most everyone. I decided to start a food blog because I love food, I come from a foodie home, I have too many unused cookbooks and I really want to encourage myself to cook at home more. The last part is the biggest and most important.

I was raised on delicious home cooked food. My dad was a professional chef and my mom is just a damn good cook. Not many kids get to have homemade cioppino and caesar salad for their birthdays. I also grew up in Alaska and thus have a lifelong love affair with really good seafood. All this cooking at home was a great way to grow up. I appreciate so many different kinds of food. My friends in high school used to make fun of me because I always smelled like Thai food. I also had the best sack lunches at school. I was a very lucky kid.

My food philosophy is fairly simple: add garlic. While this doesn’t work for absolutely everything, it works for most things. I love garlic and add it to pretty much all my food. Scrambled eggs? Garlic. Bread? Garlic. Sautéed vegetables? Needs more garlic.

My favorite cuisines to cook at home are Mexican and Italian, though I tend to lean on Italian more. I do explore in other areas, but when I’m just making something up on a whim, those two are the ones that come up.

So here I go on my cooking journey with the help of my husband, Aaron, some wonderful food blogs, my digital camera, all those cookbooks, my childhood background and my imagination.

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