Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Where I've Been

I've been here! Well, here is relative. We moved a couple months ago to a new place in Portland, went to Alaska, and in the middle of all that we've been going to the mountains, the beach, a park, another park, another another park, BBQs, and many meet ups filled with moms, babies, and food.

I've been cooking and baking. Taking pictures of it too. 

So why are is it the end of July and there have only been 2 posts this year?

A toddler and a serious case of wanting to do anything but blog when he's asleep. Like binge watching TV shows (hi Netflix!). Playing board games. Playing dumb free games on my phone. Sleeping. Going to the gym.


I have 13 posts worth of pictures I just pulled off of the camera and I have two things in my kitchen right now that need photos. See, need. I love this little neglected blog. I love sharing food joys and sorrows.

So I'm back at it.

One thing I used to pride myself on was posting seasonal things within the season. As such, I'll be posting new things first instead of working my backlog in the order I made them. It's summer and it's time to read about fruit pies and ice cream (yup and yup), tomatoes (yup), peaches (you betcha!). I'll get to older things like soups, winter fruits, my birthday cake (April birthday - whoops!).

And I will get to them.

I'm back at it.


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