Friday, January 18, 2013

So what's up?

You might be asking me that what with the radio silence and all. I haven't been ignoring you (on purpose), I've just been really super busy. I know you've heard that before, but listen, this is new. 10 weeks ago a new man entered my life and he demands all of my time. He's the center of my world. He's also really, really cute even though he spits up a lot and keeps my up nights.

10 weeks ago Aaron and I welcomed little Harrison Paul into our family. He is such a joy even if he is also a ton of work. So cooking, blogging, leaving the house, all of those things have kind of moved to the back burner. But! There is life after childbirth! My life is starting to stabilize a bit and I've got a small backlog of stuff to post AND I still really like cooking. So hooray! Blog is going to be updated again, even if it becomes even more sporadic than it was before.

The tag does say excuses. But now it's really cute excuses. (My MLS is pretty cute too.)

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