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Things I Love Thursday: Mar. 29, 2012

(see the rest of the exploding food here)
Has it really been this long since I've done one of these? Man, all of my links are probably old news by now, but maybe I've got some gems. And maybe I'll get back into the habit of doing these because they are fun. Maybe. Enjoy the show!

Social Media + Customers Hate You = Bad Idea: Old news, but hilarious. When I actually ate there, my good times were not so much about the food, but more about the kind of hidden upstairs area my friends and I would hang out in at the downtown location in Juneau. It involved a lot of squirting ketchup packets at each other and random teenage nonsense.

John Gorham Lands Cookbook Deal With McSweeney's: If you don't live in Portland, this is what you need to know - everything Gorham touches turns to restaurant gold. Toro Bravo? Down the street from my place and amazing. Tasty 'N Sons? Brunch from heaven (and also close by). Interurban? I've heard nothing but good things. So yeah, his cookbook sounds pretty darn exciting to me.

(Brad Pitt apparently eats in almost all of his movies. I think that's the premise behind the Ocean's movies...get money so Rusty (Brad) can eat more stuff.)
Wahlburgers - A Review: So Brad Pitt likes to eat food in film. Mark Wahlberg helps make food happen. I found out about his family's restaurant in December and recently Serious Eats went out to review it. And it turns out the burgers are pretty good. I don't know if they are drop your pants good, but it's nice to hear nonetheless. 

Mini Taco Bowls: You make them by flipping over a muffin tin and forming a bowl out of tortillas on the other side. How cool is that?

Mallory Motor Hotel 1965: Awesome shots of an old hotel menu here in Portland. Why yes I would like a $1.50 fruit plate. There were $.85 daiquiris. Yeah. The drink list itself is priceless.
(wings aren't just for the Super Bowl. Ask Aaron.)
How To Eat Food: The candy corn one is my favorite. I do that every year. Lewis Black has a great bit about candy corn, but I can't find the video. The point is that candy corn is something you forget you don't like and then you eat it. And then remember. I think maybe hypnotism is involved.

Sprinkles Cupcake ATM: A real thing. And now I have to go to Beverly Hills just to check this out.

Why British Food Was Bad For So Long: I'll admit it: when in England, I mostly ate grocery store sandwiches. In my defense, they were really, really good sandwiches. The ploughman? Awesome. And Aaron wasn't eating Indian food yet, which is supposed to be a highlight of London. Despite my culinary non-adventures, this article is really interesting and shows a lot about how war and economics can have an effect on culture.
(perfect accompaniment to the above article)
I'm also loving: candied ginger chews; pickled jalapeƱos (actually, pickled anything); making soup up as I go along; bananas foster french toast from Screen Door; bao; perfect bagels; pizza dates; tacos all the time; surprise cupcakes from Cupcake Jones; free cookies; lunch on a patio for the .2 seconds it's actually nice here; Podnah's Pit twice in one week; happy hour always and forever; citrus! all of the citrus! tangelos & ruby red grapefruits & navels & everything; Hawaiian plate lunch; tea any time of day; adventures in Thomas Keller's cookbook; the surprises in my CSA; seriously - citrus.

What are you loving this week? Or in any of the weeks I didn't post?

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